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Cotton Farm Clothing Limited is a 100% export oriented woven & knit garments manufacturing industry. It’s a Joint Venture Company. Since its inception we have been giving our all out efforts to ensure best quality production, congenial working environment & high safety & security measures in accordance with standards of global social compliance.


Amazing Fashions is a style based factory with the objective to provide choices for all variations in knitwear and activewear products for our customers.

During Covid-19 the company expanded its capacity by additional 15 lines in knitwear and active wear and

currently has 50 sewing Lines with 2.5 million pieces monthly sewing capacity. This has been possible due to

solid commitment, quality standard and product variation strength. Expected turnover for 2021-2022 is over USD 50 million (annual). We currently employ 2800 workers and 400 staff. Strong global supply chain set up. R and D, sourcing and Inspection facility in Hangzhou and Shanghai for providing customers with variety at competitive prices. Yarn sourcing network includes Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Turkey and China. From our total consumption 25-30% fabric is import based.

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Euro Knit aspires ฀to฀deliver฀a ฀premium ฀quality ฀and ฀unparalleled ฀service to฀our฀customers .฀Driven฀by ฀leaders ฀with฀more ฀than฀7 ฀years ฀of฀manufacturing ฀experience, a฀dedicated ฀workforce฀and ฀world class ฀technology. We have a฀customer-centric approach฀to฀our฀design฀and ฀product฀development฀to bring ฀you฀a฀unique experience. Being ฀conscious of฀our฀environmental฀footprint, sustainability is฀at฀the core ฀of฀everything฀that฀we ฀do.

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BSCI Audit

Lavender Garment Ltd. is a factory specialised in Woven Jacket, Shirt and pants production. The building is fitted with tiles, spacious, well ventilated and lighted as per International ACCORD standard. The factory provides the perfect environment to produce high quality garments. From the beginning the factory has emphasised to meet strict safety requirements, buyers compliance and ensure well being of its workers.

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New Delta has passed nearly 2 decades of achievement, aiming to lead the competitive woven-wear organisations of Bangladesh. To extend its position as a world-class manufacturer, we strive to achieve global standards in quality, cost, service and scale of operation. We are focused on using innovative processes, technologies & machines to manufacture the finest products at a reasonable cost. The New Delta: has expanded its capacity, developed a skilled workforce and introduced integrated technologies, to remain globally up-to-date. It is truly an organisation with a glorious past and a bright future.

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BSCI Audit

Techno Fiber Ltd. started garment manufacturing in 2012. To achieve sustainability in the global business, compliance standards, safety measures and ethical standards, they have integrated solid business policies as well as steadfast work processes. Techno Fiber Limited is fully equipped with an innovative and vibrant team of people to serve customer needs. We have their best professionals in marketing and merchandising, design, materials sourcing, production, Information technology as well as logistics. Techno Fiber Limited is trusted globally for meeting the quality standards of international brands with innovation, precision and speed.

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Vertex International Limited started its journey with the export of Jute and Jute based products in 1985.

Seven years after inception, Vertex diversified its business and entered garment industry in 1992 with 6 sewing lines for woven tops. In 2005, Vertex RMG division decided to have their own site, where they can set up their production facilities – factories which adhered to the safety & compliance standards as that was inevitable to the evolving RMG sector. In 2006, the project started to materialize with procurement of 6.5 acres land in neighborhood of EPZ, Savar, Dhaka. In 2008, ‘Vertex Wear LTD’ shifted to Savar premises.

In 2009, a new business unit – ‘Dress World LTD ‘ started its operations in the Savar premises. In 2011, a third unit ‘Neo Fashion Ltd’ was added to the portfolio

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Our vision is to be a trend setter in the national apparel industry in terms of Fashion designing, innovation and efficiency in production. Our mission is to develop a wide customer and product base and groom a pool of talented personnel. Our goals are to manufacture quality products, ensure timely delivery and generate adequate revenue to drive our growth, including raising the living standards of our work force.

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Baraka Fashions Ltd (Sister concern of Baraka Group) is a multi product capable woven garment manufacturing unit. The factory is designed and set up to cater the world class customers. Company established in 2012.The management and the staff are highly qualified and experts in the garments industry. Baraka Fashions Ltd is very well equipped with technologically advanced machinery and a highly skilled workforce and as a result we are able to achieve the desired quality

standards of all our customers. Capability in handling various stylings, flexibility in pricing in order to meet

market demand is our strength. Quality of product and timely delivery are our prime objectives.

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Knit Valley Fashions Limited is 100% Export Oriented all kind of Knit manufacturing unit, which is located at Kalma, Dairy Farm, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company is managed by a group of dynamic professional who are working proactively in a challenging environment. Knit Valley Fashions Limited is committed to provide excellent services to its buyers. It is dedicated to focus on quality in order to shine in its performance. We make every effort to delight our customers by producing best quality Knit products at an optimum price through efficient utilization of available resources. We manufacture and export high quality knit products at an affordable price produced in an environmental friendly process and practicing high level of integrity and fairness in dealing with our stakeholders.

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Neo Fashion

Neo Fashion Ltd. was established in 2011 and is part of the Vertex group supplying woven tops across men's, women's and kid's apparel. With a total of 39 lines, we are able to provide 11, 60,000 pcs monthly capacity.

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Sailtex fashion founded in April, 2017, specializes in manufacturing all kinds of knitted garments, with a spotless track record since its inception. Our activity is highly motivated by our passion for beauty and our

willingness to meet our clients’ and partners’ needs and demands. Our Strengths are flexibility, diversity and innovation.

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TRZ Garments Industry Ltd. is a well-established and leading SPECIAL Woven Garments Manufacturing Group in the RMG sector of Bangladesh. The Company is a long-time supplier for amongst others, H&M, C&A, Inditex, Kanneth Cole, Terranova, Bootlegger, Dicks, Lands’end, Wolverine, Tommy Hilfiger, Ck, Sprinter, Bestseller, Hurley, Costco and Peter England. TRZ adheres to Corporate Social Responsibility principles. This company had actively taken part in the 3-year CBI Export Marketing Program-`Target 2005. 


Victoria Intimate Ltd establishing in 2019 is one of the pioneers in the textile sector. With time it has become a one stop solution for all kinds of fabric, embellishment, washing & garments manufacturing.


HAMS GROUP was established in 1994 and remains one of the leading vertical textile manufacturers in the country till to date. With commitment to employing highly skilled textile professionals, equipped with latest machinery and providing outstanding working conditions for all our employees. Continuously focus on current trend targeting client's needs & end customer's

demand to manufacturing process of fabric, printing, embroidery, washing & apparels production. Hence establishing ourselves as a leading knit manufacturing unit to serve national & international market.

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