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White Cotton Fabric
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An easy switch to sustainable fashion.

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Demand for orders on sustainable fabric based garments are at an all time critical high, as the fashion industry heads exponentially towards more environmentally protective practices and production Clients across branded buyers, wholesalers and direct retailers have strategised to switch their volume, core programmes to sustainable options within a very tight timeline. Currently most clients are not able to reach their target profit margins based on the current cotton & cotton blend prices offered by their supply base. Speed to market is also an area of concern for clients.


How can clients switch to sustainable core lines quickly? Sustainable Studio.

The goal of Sustainable Studio is to support our partners with a simple sustainable transformation of their core product lines.


We have developed a product & fabric suite named Sustainable Studio. Our strategy has been to develop & present an affordable, fuss-free, easy to use, sustainable bank of products. As we now have rolling sustainable fabric stock, we will be able to offer a very competitive price & lead time on products from this collection.This will allow our clients to make an easy switch to sustainable fashion.


AW22 will begin with menswear, before expanding into womenswear & kidswear
for 2023.

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